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Light Weight Door

brushless motor and built-in beam switch circuit. Middleweight type (Suitable for temper glass door) By equipped with DC brushless motor, quiet and smooth opening/closing movements have been Achieved. The operator can be applied to bi-parting doors with temper glass leaf of the most popular sized DW 914 x DH 2134 (mm). The door has various functions such as “Press Closing,” “Memory,” “Catch-Return,” “Beam Switch,” etc. In addition, it can output other optional signals by use of DC-5S model controller. Also, two types are available which one is normal DC-5 type with rail and channel combined, and another one type is DC-5P with separate rail and channel for the rail exchange.  
No gap between the door-meet sides by press-closing function suitable for windy sites, wavering places as in vehicles.
Keeping data of door stroke and brake position once memorized at the installation time by memory function equipped in controller.
With “Catch-Return” function meaning the door returns when hit an obstacle during the operation

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