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Swing Glass Door

Swinging door is a basis of the automatic door. It is essential to control passenger flow of traffic in place where heavy going in and out are always expected as airport and hotel. Swinging door is ideal for such crowded places. The swinging door is a basis of the automatic door, having a simple movement by microcomputer equipped in controller. The swinging door to be friendly to the people is most suited for places where heavy traffic is always expected like hotel, office building and airport etc.
As the operator is now improved to be installed in the header transom, there is no longer worried about a rained drainage and humidity after a long-range use.
The Swing Door is suitable for high-traffic areas such as office building, hotels and airports Since the drive part is located overhead, the system takes Appropriate measures against rainfall. No need to worry about humidity caused by long-term use  
Our Original ” Cam Drive System ” moves the door
Electromagnetic braking curbs flopping caused by wind during operation
Since the drive part is located overhead, maintenance work can be done easily
A microcomputer drive provides human-friendly functions with smooth operation and safety
Double Swing Door leaves are synchronized by a coupling rod for integrated door operation

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